Requirements For Entrance to the Honors Program for Current Students

Honors courses are not open to all students. If you’d like to take honors courses, you need to join the Honors Program by completing the application below.

In order to be eligible to join the Honors Program as a current student at Fullerton College, you should have one of the following:

 – GPA of 3.4 or higher in at least 9 academic units


 – the recommendation of a Fullerton College professor or counselor. 


You can upload a .pdf, screenshot, or picture of your unofficial transcripts for GPA Verification.  Click here to find out how to obtain a copy of your unofficial transcripts from Fullerton College.

Returning Students (out of high school for 5 years or more), Veterans, International Students, and Special Admit Students who would like to join the Honors Program can join the Honors Program without the GPA minimum. 

Maintenance in the Honors Program
All students in the Honors Program are expected to maintain a 3.25 GPA to continue in the program and need to have a 3.4 GPA  to be Honors Certified with additional honors coursework requirements. 

Honors Program Application (click here to apply)

       Click Here to View the Honors Student Handbook.