Joining the Honors Program – Incoming and Current Students


Our goal is to accept students who are interested in smaller class sizes, student-led projects, research opportunities, transfer agreements, and high impact learning practices. We are an inclusive community of motivated students centered on enriched academic experiences.

In order to complete the program and be Honors Certified, students must complete at least 15 units of honors coursework and have a 3.40 GPA unless following STEM Track Certification which has additional requirements listed on our website.

All students must also abide by the Academic Honesty and Student Conduct Policies of Fullerton College as stated in the catalog. Failure to meet these requirements may result in being dropped from the Program.


Honors courses are restricted to those students who have completed our application. If you’d like to take honors courses, you need to join the Honors Program by completing the application below

Returning Students (out of high school for 5 years or more), Veterans, International Students, and Special Admit Students often wonder if our program is designed with them in mind. It is.

We encourage all students to join us and some of our most successful students wouldn’t have thought of themselves as honors students before they came to Fullerton College.