Honors Courses

The Honors Program offers a variety of courses that meet most General Education pattern requirements, including Fullerton College GE, Cal State GE, and IGETC. Many courses also fulfill both GE as well as major-specific requirements for transfer.


Benefits of the Honors Program:

Smaller classes, dedicated faculty, campus leadership roles, high-impact learning, research opportunities, high rates of transfer to universities, membership in honor societies, and scholarship opportunities.

Honors Transfer Council of California Transfer Partnerships

  • Students completing our honors program as “honors certified” enjoy enhanced transfer consideration:
  • Priority acceptance consideration, special scholarships, housing priority and a range of other academic and social benefits such as library privileges even before transfer.


Honors Coursework

  • Seminar style classes
  • Deeper Discovery
  • Student Presentations
  • Research Papers
  • Embedded Library Instruction
  • Project Based Learning
  • Poster Presentations
  • Conference Applications


Honors Certification (completing the program)

  • Complete at least 15 Honors units.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40 in honors and non-honors sections

Honors STEM Track Certification (completing the program)

  • Complete at least 9 Honors units.
  • Complete at least 6 units of approved STEM coursework
  • Complete Extra STEM Activities
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.40 in honors and non-honors sections


Academic Conferences for Student Presentations

  • UC, Irvine Honors Transfer Council of California
  • Western Regional Honors Council
  • Bay Area Consortium
  • National Collegiate Honors Council
  • Pacific Coast Undergraduate Mathematics Conference
  • Discipline Specific Conferences

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List of Honors Courses

Not all are offered every semester

ANTH 101H  Honors Physical Anthropology

ANTH 102H  Honors Culture Anthropology

ART 196H    Honors Creative Arts (Same as MUS 196H and THEA 196H)

BIO 101H    Honors General Biology

ENGL 100H  Honors College Writing

ENGL 102H  Honors Introduction to Literature

ENGL 103H  Honors Critical Reasoning and Writing

ENGL 243H  Honors Folklore and Mythology

ESC 130H    Honors Introduction to Oceanography

GEOG 100H Honors World Geography: A Regional Study

HIST 110H    Honors Western Civilization (Prehistoric to 16th Century)

HIST 111H    Honors Western Civilization (17th Century to Present)

HIST 112H   Honors World Civilizations I

HIST 113H    Honors World Civilization II

HIST 170H    Honors History of the U.S. to 1877

HIST 171H    Honors History of the U.S. since 1877

LIB 100H    Honors Introduction to Research

MATH 120H   Honors Introductory Probability & Statistics

MATH 141H   Honors College Algebra

MATH 151F Honors Calculus I

MATH 152HF Honors Calculus II

MUS 196H    Honors Creative Arts (Same as ART196H and THEA 196H)

NUTR 210H  Honors Human Nutrition

PHIL 100H    Honors Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 105H    Honors World Religions

POSC 100H  Honors American Government

PSYC 101H    Honors General Psychology

PSYC 251H    Honors Social Psychology

SOC 101H    Honors Introduction to Sociology

SOC 275H   Honors Marriage and Family

SPAN 102H  Honors Elementary Spanish II

THEA 196H  Honors Creative Arts (Same as ART 196H & MUS 196H)

Honors Courses Available Fall 2023

Anth 101

Anth 102

Econ 101

Engl 100

Engl 103

Eths 153

Geog 102

Lib 100

Math 120

Math 141

Math 151

Math 290

Math 291

Math 295

Phil 105

Posc 100

Psy 202

Soc 101

Thea 165



Honors Courses Available in Previous Semesters

Fall 2020

Fall 2021

Spring 2023

Anth 101

Anth 102

Anth 107

Arth 155

Arth 165

Biol 101

Engl 103

Eths 235

Lib 100

Math 153

Math 290

Math 291

Math 295

Nutr 210

Phil 100

Phil 105

Posc 100

Posc 110

Posc 180

Soc 101

Thea 165