Student’s Responsibilities

To remain in the Honors Program and become Honors Certified with all the contract benefits attached, you must:


  • To maintain Honors status, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 in both Honors and non-Honors courses.
  • To become Honors Certified, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of  3.4
  • *Receive no grade lower than a C in any Honors course
  • Attend any required enrichment opportunities each semester
  • Follow Fullerton College catalogue “College Policies and Rules,” which include regularly and punctually attending classes, completing assignments on time, being prepared, remaining in communication with the Honors instructors, and contributing to classes. The Program especially follows catalogue policies on student conduct, including plagiarism and cheating.
  • ***Any grade lower than a C may result in being dropped from the Honors Program.