My name is Alicia Razo and the main reason why I wanted to be an Ambassador was to get the most out of my college experience. Transitioning from High school to college was really frustrating to me, since I had no idea where to go to get involved on campus, what “ANTH” meant, and how to use the copy machine.

I had to build my gut and ask the guy behind me how to work the copy machine. When I asked him he was more than happy to help out a fellow Hornet–after all, he was once a freshmen. Therefore, I believe becoming socially involved on campus will help me succeed academically.

EOPS Academic counselor, Joe Reyes, once told me that the only person responsible for me, is me. I am the person in charge of my future.

That is my advice I will pass on to my fellow Hornets: no one’s going to hold your hand. If you’re truely passionate and dedicated about your goals, then I challenge you to meet with a counselor twice a semester, visit the Cadena Transfer Center ahead of time before applying to transfer, complete at 100 hours of SLH in a year, join a club, visit the Writing Center as much as possible, apply to the Fullerton Foundation Scholarships and other scholarships, attend workshops, study abroad, intern, and find out other ways to get involved on campus on your own. If you have no clue what SLH is or any of the resources I mentioned, ask someone.

Don’t expect someone to come to you.